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Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

Sprig & Fern Tahuna


Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

T.O.A.D. Hall Motueka


Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

East St Vegetarian Cafe

$10 on the door includes full-album download card

Picture this! A double decker music bus offering National and International guest artists a unique chance to tour New Zealand in
style while connecting with community, inspiring our youth, and supporting and promoting the local arts industry. This. Is. The Business. Te Waka O Whakamanawa. Welcome aboard the inspiration bus. 

With the completed and fully furnished 1980 Bristol VT featuring self-contained accommodation, sound-treated area downstairs for creative flow and recording, espresso machine & certified kitchen area, sound system capable of catering for anything from cooking demonstrations to bass-heavy DJ’s, and eventually even a fold-out stage, she’s going to be literally, one of a kind. Based on a mashup of business models overseas, this bus will be internationally unique in function and style.

However, bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s integrity that counts. At the heart of this project lie fundamental principles of sustainability, education, and bringing healthy communities together. What is the most important thing of all in this life? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is the people. By bringing tours and the bus herself to visit schools, particularly in needy communities, we hope to connect our youth with the people who inspire them. Being set up to offer recording workshops in this time gives us the opportunity to give children a voice and an opportunity. Hearing their songs, and watching the process of making music, will widen the potential of our tamariki, while international and national artists will get to experience true, grass roots, kiwi culture, at a fraction of the cost of ordinary touring. Everybody wins.

Acknowledging and embracing our future and our past. Positively passionate, aiming to inspire young artists and promote local, original music throughout New Zealand. Believing our project will benefit many for years to come.. these things carry us through the tough times; the hard yards, elbow grease, and the stress of a limited budget. We could really use your help. Please give generously your support to those chasing big dreams of a better future for community and culture in New Zealand. You can donate today, or visit our Givealittle Page at any time to chip in any time you are able.

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Accepting that this project is fundamentally bigger than ourselves, if you have a special skill or idea for the project that you'd like to donate instead, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Are you a local southern business, or know a local business owner who may be interested in sponsorship? Are you looking for a unique way to give back to local community? Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, donate, or simply spread the word.

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