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Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

Sprig & Fern Tahuna


Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

T.O.A.D. Hall Motueka


Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

East St Vegetarian Cafe

$10 on the door includes full-album download card

The worlds first community-focussed mobile studio, stage and accommodation could use your help to get rolling!  And yes, there's rewards involved! 

Cue: Creative people who are keen to jump onboard and be in to win a night onboard with VIP treatment, including a free recording session!

Not a musician? Don't worry! If you've been tagged or invited, most likely you are an awesome creative soul with great ideas. Feel free to get out there and jam a street-side comedy set, or draw some pictures on the sidewalk with chalk.. who knows!? Getting out into community and CONNECTING is at the heart of this project, the creative part is up to you. 

So.. Want to get a foot in the door before the doors are even back on? 

What's involved? 
Well, truth is, we all struggle to make ends meet from time to time. Busking is fun, challenging, and gets you out into the community. All you have to do is come up with a creative act, and, voila! You're sorted. 

But, here's where it gets even better. 

It's simple to go in the draw for even bigger rewards .. 

Step 1: Take a photo of you busking (with your ''Busking #forthebusking" sign, homemade, pavement chalk, or download the official one (free), and post it on Instagram. 
Step 2: Make sure to tag #forthebusking AND @buildthatbus), and be sure to include your total proceeds for ONE hour on the streets. 
Step 3: Within a few days, donate that ONE hours worth of donations to our Givealittle Page, with your name (please don't click 'anonymous' !!
Step 4: We'll pick the most creative, funniest, or otherwise outstanding effort each month to receive the prize. 

You can enter as many times as you like for the monthly draw. The final phase is still a projected two years away, so you will have to wait for this exciting prize. But, you'll be able to track progress along the way through our website and social media. 

This bus is going to provide SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES for fun touring around Aotearoa, we intend to inspire all, from youth, to community, to our cherished elders! Anyone who is involved is sure to be first on the list, so please, get sharing, join the Facebook Event and in the spirit of community, invite your like-minded friends to get into it too! 

Official closing date is the last Saturday of each month. Winners will be notified by PM. Enter as many times as you'd like!

Please, tell people what you're doing, and why, the flyers make it super easy. In return, you'll be most welcome aboard once we're ready to roll touring New Zealand in the UTMOST style! Everybody who donates and supplies their name (sorry, anonymous donors!), will be welcome to take a tour of the bus too (conditions apply, contact us to arrange yours). 

Donations can be made to the Givealittle Page, . 

Please feel free to share and invite others to this Event! This project will benefit all music, and musicians touring, in New Zealand, as well as support communities, engage our youth, and promote local and travelling acts. 

Much love and get busking #forthebusking!