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Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

Sprig & Fern Tahuna


Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

T.O.A.D. Hall Motueka


Erin - Remember Love Album Release Tour

East St Vegetarian Cafe

$10 on the door includes full-album download card


Erin is gaining recognition in the Australasian music scene as a hard-working emerging original artist, after touring Australia's East Coast for the first time in 2016. After four nation-wide NZ Tours, nine years of writing and gigging, and of course, many various life experiences, she brings inspirations and stories to you in her shows through well crafted and intelligently-worded lyrical flair. Aside from the light, chatty and often comical introductions, themes in her songs range from love and war, right through to protecting the environment and social observations. Intrigued by the 'Beautiful People' she meets along the way, while not fitting classically into the genre, Erin is a 'Folk' artist in the true sense.. she creates music for the people. 


 Born and raised in the breathtaking South Island (NZ), Erin always had plenty of material for inspiration, a passion for storytelling, and a love for adventure that has resulted in her songs being written from all around the world - with an optimistic outlook as a common theme. Dedicating herself to life as a full-time musician in Jan 2013, her tours have taken her on adventures all over, selling hundreds of home-made CD's and forming solid relationships with hundreds of venues. She has established loyal fan bases in some areas and is consistently building in others, as more listeners tune in to her well-presented, thoughtful lyrics, and the stories that go with them. Her delivery is confident and unique, with many unable to pinpoint her distinct vocal styles, though mention of artists such as Jewel and Stevie Nicks is often heard from within the audience. While always focusing on her solo career, she has also toured with backing bands and worked with well known acts.. opening for Wellington’s Newtown Rocksteady, Soulsystem and Podocarp (Chch), the talented Monty Bevins (Dunedin) and supported by Chocwork Orange at shows in the deep south. In October 2016 she released her first studio album, "Remember Love".

100% original, Erin is inspired by greats such as John Lennon, Bob Marley and Tracy Chapman, and delivers with equal passion. Uplifting, real, grass-roots Kiwi pop-rock with strong ethical messages and clear communication, expressed through upbeat, funky grooves that get listeners moving. 

Using a guitar, a loop pedal, and a stompbox, she creates a fully-fledged 100% live show; swinging reggae basslines, clever percussive techniques and beatboxing, multiple layers of impeccable vocal harmonies; a popular, enjoyable, organic loop sound with stand-out lyrics and bright funky lead breaks providing depth and diversity throughout the set. An attention to detail and the planning of set lists for optimum impact coupled with the ability to be flexible and cater to various audiences see successful shows all around, and a professional, punctual approach signal that Erin is here for the long haul.  



"There isn't another [artist] with a similar style or tone in their voice.. Unique is good.. It's hard not to feel inspired" - Karin Hoffman, This & That Magazine, Nelson.


"I've had a world famous live music venue for ten years.. on the way home I ticked up the best music system I could find so I could have her voice at home" - Shayne Kavanagh, Strawberry Tree, Kaikoura.

"Erin is a true bohemian poet. She blends catchy folk charm with deep soulful ballads. Her music speaks from the heart. Always deeply honest and challenging, she blends story telling and her impressions of the world around her to create captivating performances all audiences can enjoy." - Josh, Cowan Creative Timaru.